Sectarianisms and Pakistan

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A latest survey based upon the opinion of intelligentsia of Pakistan and most of university students prove their concern over very hot issue of sectarianism in Pakistan. A question asked about Shea and Sunni differences in Pakistan was answered by both sects that there were no difference at all between the two killings an of prominent figures of Sunnis and Shea was not due to any clashes rather it was conspiracy to raise differences and create enmity between the two.





About 250 people were included in survey and not even a sing person acknowledged any grievances found in both sects.





Most important fact in Pakistan in this regard there are no separate areas in Pakistan specially identified as Sunni and Shea. They are living mutually in all the localities. Their social and even religious interactions are exemplary. Even people of all religious are leading their lives very peacefully and freely while celebrating their festivals openly and Muslims majority exchanges good wishes on their religious festivals.

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