Security in Afghanistan

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What is security?                                                                              

                               In my idea having safety Life, physical and mental health of people in a society is security, but unfortunately we don’t have complete security in Afghanistan such as people wish. Murder, kidnapping, corruption, and character assassination have got the places of security and unity from entire people who live in Afghanistan as Civilians. These things are all cause insecurity in a society.

Afghan government didn’t pay much attention in providing security, if they did attention, was not enough. As the entire world knows there was 30 years war in Afghanistan and that is why violence has placed in every vein of Afghans. If the situation continues like this, it will take a long period of time that some bad guys forget their pass habits that are violence against other tribes, women and poor guys to show their power to them.

 Also high poverty and illiteracy of some Afghan people are the main reasons of insecurity in Afghanistan. Enemies can use from these opportunities to do lots of things for their bad plans against security in Afghanistan. Officers’ Low salaries are cause of bribery in Afghanistan. And that is why Afghanistan can’t improve toward peace. Because all we know security is the key of everything without security people can’t work for a good life, children can’t attend to school for learning knowledge for their future and his or her country.

Afghanistan needs to Afghan Army for its security also Afghanistan needs authorities’ compassion and educated generation for achieving security.

After all we should not ignore the achievements of our government especially National Army for providing security in our environment.  These days we can see Afghan national army  are going for clearing missions without any foreign troops which is a sign of our government ability for providing security. 

There are lots of opportunities to fine good jobs and earn good money.

Lots of boys and girls attend to school, colleges and universities.


Written by: Zaker (Tanha)

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Zaker was born in Kabul Afghanistan on Thursday 02/21 AM 1992/06/09. he attended to Habibia high school. for studding knowledge. when war start in Afghanistan he went to Pakistan with his family. he studied computer programs and English language at kout institute in Pakistan. also he attended to TEAKWONDO club…

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