Selection and Suitability of Dress Part 3

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In my previous blog i have discussed the factors which can be helpful in selecting the good and Appropriate dress . If you Want to read the More Factors than visit Part 1 and Part 2. 

Dress According To Mores :

Mores Means According to culture and traditions.Every Country and Region has its own way of living ,eating habits and dress wearing methods are specific and have their own traditions. These all factors usually depends upon their religious factor .Every person wants to gain their social existence and hence fallow one of the factor. .The dress of a person Reflects their culture and traditions of their area .If a person neglect these traditions than the society dislike them.For example In Pakistan dress according to religious factor that is covering of whole body is applied on the dress scheme.

As in our country dress wear in different regions are quite different from each other but basically these all are same .there is difference between their designing and styling But there is one similarity between in them which is covering of body and for this duppta is the necessary.

Contra to that in different countries different type of dresses are wear which do not focus on whole covering of body and hair .Their dresses focus on the seasonal requirements and ancient style of covering some body parts .But our religion Islam do not allowed that type of dresses.

Dress according to Occupation and Habits:

The suitable Dress also depends upon the habits of ones person.Those Person Who have to remain in their house all the day need less amount of dresses but who have to go to offices or go outside for their work needs mare dresses The workers  such as teacher,bank employee, or employee of firms and factory need simple and casual dresses . Bright color and fancy dresses are not to wear on working time.

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