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One of the worst behaviors sometimes people get is selfishness which is unacceptable for the people around them. They think what they do is right and ignores other people’s opinion. They do what they think is right. If someone wants share their ideas with them, they find it difficult to make them believe.

The cause of being selfish depends on many factors of one’s life. There are some people who are poor and finally get rich one day; these people get changed very quickly and pays no attentions around to the people around them. Since they are rich now and not in need of any body, they feel to be leader or expect the others to follow them.

Education is something which help you find your way through this complicated and confused life but there are some people, by getting knowledge not only finds their way but on the other hand lose their path of life.  These people by getting more knowledge feel to be more important so this feeling sometimes cause them to be so selfish.

Selfishness is also seen among the girls. To tell you the truth, being selfish is something which is common in all societies and people but it seems to be rare among the girls. Mostly when a girl is grown up in a village and later on comes to live in a city, sees lots different things, talks to different people altogether everything is new for her so this change and newness sometimes has a bad effects on her  and caused her to be selfish.

Selfishness will not help you in your life and career. This is something we should get rid of. This is true that sometimes people act differently but instead we are not recommended to react selfishly. Thing of your friend an coworkers around you, do you really wants them to get upset with you! If so keep being selfish if not try to be kind and active.

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Faranaz Hajizade is studying in the 11th class of the Malake Jalali High school. Faranaz Hajizade is studying English in Skill Training Center (STC) in Herat Faranaz Hajizade has interest in reading novel. History,geography and writing.

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