Senescence and Desire Game

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One of the disease which collapse the house hold in the society, is senescence and desire game.some of mans wants to overcome t o this disease by taking new wife. And woman over come to this problem by makeup and panache their self. Every time when you are front with some of the man which has got married and ask them what is you are ambition?

They are saying want new wife, but when you ask this question from awoman,they have wishes to have expensive dress and jewelry. and they think that happiness and comfort is in like these thinks.withe out any doubt taking new wife not making the man relax and comfort in this situation, and also the expensive cloths and jewelry not making the woman relax and happy. taking tow wife make the man un happy and also the man cannot over come from responsibility of tow wife. this is one of example of like this situation

One of the young which before doing married, making illegal relationship with other girl, like this illegal relationship by passing the time convert to habit, and when this by got married, he cannot contentment to one girl, there for when he find out time he is also going toward luxury and illegal relationship, this is one example:

An old man by having nine child and wife that he lived with them twenty two years, not only he take new wife but also he make an illegal relationship with young girl, and also deprive their nine child from legacy. Their for he made their self under arrest.