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SEO Internet Marketing

The purpose of this profile is to educate individuals worldwide about Social Media and Internet Marketing, with the proper learning tools and videos - exclusively via Film Annex. Over the new few days, we will be introducing basic blogs and videos for web design and social media marketing and management. It can get difficult managing several social media accounts, but it can also be very simple and organized with the proper knowledge and tools!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial when gaining or maintaining an online presence. If you want to reach the right audience that will actually respond and engage in your content or service, you have to provide the correct keywords and content for your targeted audience!

What to Expect

We will be offering a variety of educational videos and tutorials. You can expect daily content that will always benefit you and your Internet Marketing necessities. We make sure we personally test everything we teach, ensuring that the tools work properly. Most of the time, we will provide short video tutorials along with our content, to help people gain a better understanding with visualization.

We're partnering with Steven Carpenter of QLF Incorporated (Quantum Leap Foundation) and He will be helping us provide tutorial videos that will give you a better understanding of the tools and services available that will help you succeed! You will learn how to create and manage websites, social media platforms, and so much more! Stay tuned and please subscribe to SEO Internet Marketing's Film Annex profile page for more updates!

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