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Roughly one year ago, I began playing around with new ways to tell a story through filmmaking. The evolution of all of these experiments lead to me working on my latest film Shine. Below features a video displaying the evolution of these experiments.

I was tempted to delete all of this footage to clear up some much needed space on my hard drive however I felt turning it into a little film will create a nice piece of nostalgic memorabilia.

Originally, Shine was set to be a shadow puppet film. I had tried out a few different methods in the search for the style I wanted, but none of the result felt right at the time. But looking back on this footage, it has made me want to further pursue some of the styles I had created in a future film. 

Having cut this together, it really allowed me to see how far I have come, given that I am currently animating the final shots of the film. Putting things like this in perspective lets you realise just how much you have learnt and improved over the time you've spent. Whilst the final film is yet to be finished, I feel like I have become a much better filmmaker throughout this process and that to me is what is most important. 


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