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There was a unfortunately blind girl, know a guy, both love each other. One day the girl told the boy: "When I saw the world, I will marry you."

Then one day the girl eye surgery and she has seen the light. The boy asked: "Now you have seen all the world, will you marry me?" She was stunned stuporuos  that boys as blind as her . She refused him. The boy left in tears with the short message, "Please keep your eyes carefully, because it's the last gift I  can give you."


Every time go to  travel, he always  laugh because his wife’s coward.

            Vehicle Pass:                Scare.

            Top high mountain:         Scare.

            Ocean  waves:  Scare

At such times, he always embraced her and patted: - Do not be afraid, I am here. Please take your heart!

Then The Company was bankrupted. From the position of director, he came back with empty hands. He became a haggard pessimist. She hugged him gently on the lap, rubbing his hair: - Do not despair, you still have me. Be brave, my darling!

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