Should you buy Bitcoin

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Should you Buy Bitcoin? There are three questions to keep in mind here.

  • How much is the future value?
  • is there any alternate currency which can replace Bitcoin?
  • Is this a safer alternative to FIAT currency? 
  1. The future value can be 100,000 a coin or 1 million, or 0$ however today's price is 617$ 
  2. Right now Bitcoin is the most Valuable crypto-currency however it has opened many doors to new ideas and people should definitely be on the lookout for Bitcoin 2.0 and buy in at the right time. 
  3. FIAT currency is being printed and backed by nothing so it is losing value, However Bitcoin is backed by math and there is a limited amount of them so it has been gaining value. Bitcoin has the potential along with other virtual currencies that can transform the world the same way the internet did. The value of all the gold in the world is about 8 trillions dollars and all the Bitcoin in the world is about 7 billion dollars so if it reaches 1 tenth the value of gold you earned 100X your money.

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