Sickness and health

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Sickness and health

Disease and health in human life comes, but in every situation a person should thank Allah.


When a person is healthy it Grief seems happy and healthy, which is why he gets.It is very much the heart of the life and feel the joy of living.But he forgets that there are people in the world who are longing for happiness and healthy living.And he does not share the grief of others, but comes a day when it reads the grief suffered.So it happens that the pain of others.


There is a sick man hates everything, eat, drink, everything looks bad, and her mind every time I think that this world is not for him.

How should we deal with the sick man? We should share her troubles with him.And try to keep him happy, so that the sick man's heart is strong and the biggest one day dared to combat the disease causes.

Most problematic because some people are sick of illusion.Such people should change their environment so that prosperous people live in disease and sorrow will turn into joy.

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