Sigarate and Smoking

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    Sigarate and Smoking is no good for any one. Sigarate is a device which is used to harm the humans body,it is also called the creater of Cancer.For example: mouth cancer,nose cancer,lug cancer etc...  

   Also scientests have known that when some one is too highper or nervous they use Sigarate.Sigarate has some bad substances and the worst one is called Nicotine,which is also used in medicins as mind calmer, but the parcentage of nicotine in medicins are very less than in Sigarate.

   When some one uses Sigarate it can keep the users mind calmer ,but after a few minutes he will feel the same and will use another one!

  Big factories which produce Sigarate know that how much its harmful, but they use a lot of Nicotine in it for their own profet,which must be stopped.And also it harms people who are around him, which is also no good for them.

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