Significant impact on the development of women in Pakistan

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Nation-building is a multidimensional term, which affects the whole country at all levels. For decades, a remarkable social and political consciousness has been awakened especially among women. There is a visible boost in them to fight for a better life. They are also willing to contribute to the development of their country and nation. With increasing economic pressure, the income of a single member is not enough to feed all family members.

They want to improve the standard of living and secure a better future for their children. For this, the women of our country are making their way into the national mainstream of progress. Woman is working as teachers, professors, doctors and nurses.

Many young girls are working in banks, bussiness and insurance companies, and textile mills. Women have also been presented as social workers. In the field of women of law are working as lawyers and court judges. Some energetic young girls have also joined the police force. We have had women politicians as Prime Minister, Minister of Education and heads of various institutions of the Department of Education.

Rural women have always worked with their male members in the fields. She shares the work of man on an equal level. She works from dawn to dusk at home in the countryside. For the development of our country women have to be encouraged to participate and work in progress and prosperity of the nation.

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