Signs Showing You are Not Perfect

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As what Assegid Habtewold said, "No one is perfect", but why do we believe that perfection exists?

The Perfectionist Trap:

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Maybe it's because perfection gives us the gratification that something is above our standards. But did you know that it is just a mere imagination of the human mind? It's because perfection doesn't really exist. It just looks like it exists because we tend to set up an idea for something and when that idea reaches our expectation, that's the time when we say that it's perfect. But truth be told, nothing and no one is perfect in this world.

Here are the signs indicating that you are not perfect.

1. You get tired.



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After a hard day's work, walking a long distance, or doing something with enormous concentration, you get tired. While exhaustion is a normal body reaction to an overwhelming stimulus, it is in an indication that you are not perfect because if you are, you won't get tired at all. However, it's how our bodies are designed to be, to be tired after doing our best for something to be 'perfect'.

This is not only limited  to physical exhaustion but also to emotional and mental exhaustion. Tired of a dying relationship? You're always trying your best to pass a test or to excel at something but it seems that all your efforts are not paying off? Tired of proving to someone how much you love him/her but the love you've been expecting for can't be requited back to you at all? I understand that all of these things are tiring because they are not perfect and what makes you tired will be an indication that you are not perfect. 

2. You're achieving for the best.


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It's good to have goals in life. This could be a sign that you are not perfect because you're trying to get something that you don't have. It's part of human nature to want what we don't have and to think that it will be perfect if we're going to achieve it. There's nothing wrong in aiming for the best because it means that there's a direction that you want to go to.

3. You are insecure over something.

This is somewhat related to #2. Particularly about looks or skills, people will tend to either adore or be insecure of others who have the physical attributes or skills that they don't have but they don't know that those people whom they adore or are insecure about also adore or are also insecure about others because they don't have what others have. You might not know but some people also would wish that they could be you. See the cycle?


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Going back to your own insecurities, the best way to treat this is to accept your own imperfections while learning to love yourself and respect others.

4. You cannot stand alone.

"No man is an island" ~ John Donne

... And no matter how much you say that you're an independent person, you will still need help from others even with just little things. The crew who prepared your food at a restaurant, you need him so that you can have a good dining experience. Company CEOs cannot make their companies successful if without the aid of their inferiors. Husbands and wives need each others' assistance to efficiently raise a family. Furthermore, even if you are an introvert, you still need help from others at some point in your life. That's why as much as possible, even if you don't feel someone's vibes, you still need to be kind and respectful to him because you'll never know when he would be of utmost help to you.


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5. You fall in love.


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This one is related to #4. Falling in love is a weakness because if you are 'strong', you won't fall in love. That is why 'strong' women are difficult to love by men because those women are 'perfect'.

6. Some people won't like you.


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No matter how good you are to people, there are really some who think that they are way better than you so they won't respect you. There are also others who will bash you because of who you are and what you do. Some will not like you also because you are too kind, too beautiful, too talented, too popular, and everything that is too positive. You can't please everyone because you are not 'perfect'. The best way to handle this situation is to inculcate in mind what I said in the sentence above and to focus on the people who respect you.

7. You gossip bad things about others.


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Do you do this? If so, it means one thing. The people whom you're talking behind their backs are ahead of you because you're not perfect. You think that you're better than them? Well here's the thing, you're trying to hide all of your insecurities by talking behind their backs but the more that you do it, the lesser you'll have the chances of hiding all of your insecurities because they will show up big time in front of many around you. And not only there would be insecurities but how filthy you are as a person will also show up. Can you imagine how imperfect you are?

8. You have a negative side.


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Everybody has a negative side. Everybody has 'Buts'. Anny is creative BUT she is shy. Jhong is handsome BUT he smokes. Vin smokes BUT he is kind and respectful. Anne is pretty BUT she doesn't have manners. Natalia is talented BUT she doesn't have a good body. Eric is funny BUT he doesn't have a talent. See what I mean? Everybody has a downside characteristic no matter how much perfect they think they can be, because no one is perfect. They don't have all the types of characteristics in the world. So if you think that you are perfect just because you are the most good-looking, the most handsome, the prettiest, the hottest, the most talented, the richest, the most intelligent, the most popular, or the highest type of human being, well THINK AGAIN.


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Don't be difficult on yourself:

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It's okay to believe in yourself but don't let it get too much into your head and make it full of yourself because you will and can never be perfect.

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