Silly mistake i fell in love

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Silly mistake i fell in love

it’s time truth comes out
hidden in your heart
as form of love
a true love or not

sympathy me for my mistake
what is worth of sorry
if you are about to repeat it again
and what worth is it’s okay
if you can’t forgive it

may be my sorry doesn’t speak at all
as it has not received your forgiveness
may be it has no strength like your tears
but those are words echoing deep from my heart

wounds bleeding rampantly,
but I see no one around,
I am all alone
and I well understand what that means,

it means I am lonely,
it means you are not there for me,
it means my pain are limited,
surrounded within my body,
emitting pain only within me

for a while everything seems alright
but a sudden whoop and it is all gone,
as the cold wind blows by,
emptiness begin to grow by,

I miss your hands that once grabbed me,
as for now there is only a shadow,
amazed to see it
as there is no light nearby

I thought you had gone away
but your traces are still safely kept,
stored as my memory,
awakening time and again,
growing desperate as ever again,
in search for you

my tears hold no value for you,
you think in a different way,
you believe you can buy it anywhere,
as in movies you might have seen,
and I wouldn’t you,
neither beg you for it,
it is you to decide,
it is you to love me,
although I have brought it this far,

but hear to my voice ,
my tears are different,
although it is same salty water,
falling from different eyes,

mine is drenched in feelings,
doused in fear,
inflated with blood,
spilling words of my broken heart,
of my broken heart…. — feeling down.


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