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It was the second day of Eid-ul-Fitr 2015 (Eid is a Muslim festival followed by 29-30 days fasting of Ramadan). I was on my way back to home from picnic in "Thandiani", a visitor spot in the district Abbottabad of KPK Province. It was around 10:00 PM when we were caught in one of the worst traffic jams in my life. During this traffic jam, we had to wait for about three hours on a humid summer night.

One could see thousands of vehicles where the sight could reach. We were, of course, getting frustrated just like everyone else. All of a sudden from no where a few young men, almost everyone of them was a teenager, got off their hired suzuki pick up and started dancing on the road on a loud music. An aged couple sitting in their car just behind them started clapping and applauding these young guys. After a few minutes, almost all the people surrounding the area started clapping and shouting with joy in their vehicles. Some started blowing the horns of their vehicles with joy.

Within no time a place which was covered with the most frustrating moments and people turned into a jubilating spot. Everyone seemed interested in doing dancing, keeping the mind busy from the frustrating moments. Nobody seemed worry about the traffic jam. Hence, the traffic jam that lasted for three hours and became a source of furstration and tourble, turned into a memorable incident of my life.

It actually taught me how we must tackle and face the difficult situations - situations that most of us always complain about and raise a hue and cry. The positive and productive attitude of these teenagers has helped me a lot in learning how to face the difficulties. If all of us follow this kind of attitude, we can make this world a happy place to live in.


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