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 These days’ gas prices just keep going up and up and without an end in sight. One of the most common question we seem to be asking ourselves each time we pump gas and see the ticker increasing is how can I save money on gas?

 Well whether you want to save money on gas or help save the environment there are some small tricks that we can incorporate into our driving and pumping gas habits in order to help our shrinking wallets and combat rising gas prices.

First and foremost, check you speed when it comes to fuel economy. As we all know, we burn through the fuel in our gas tanks at a much faster rate when we’re speeding. Now, according to HowStuffWorks, for every 5 mph we’re driving above the average speed limit of 55mph, we’re raising our gas prices by 21 cents per gallon, on average.

 Of course other factors contribute to these statistics in different ways such as the model of a car, engine, and the like; however, we are limiting our vehicle’s fuel economy each time we speed. So generally, let’s keep safe and economically sound with a 40-60 mph range whenever we drive.

Next on the list, check your engine and we don’t mean when the little check engine light pops up. Regularly bringing your car in for a tune up and oil change can improve gas mileage by 4 percent, which means more money in your pocket.

 Another quick tip that has been debated over and over is whether to use AC, which uses the engine or to open the windows when driving. The simplest way to compromise with this situation is to use the AC when traveling on highways and freeways to prevent drag produce by open windows and open windows when driving through smaller streets and intersections.

Also, let your car coast to a stop light and when moving for a green light. Overall, don’t drive like a madman speeding and braking hard at every green and red light and don’t resist change. In the long run, these tips will only help your wallet and the environment, a win-win situation.


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