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We are now at the time when advanced technology is at its peak.  The shift from manual to digital era has made a great leap over the past few years. Online applications and programs for easy completion of jobs have been created. Online business has made a tremendous rise using the digital platform. Online jobs become so popular and in demand. So much so, almost everything can now be done online through the use of online applications which can help complete a certain task with minimal human interaction. 


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However, even with the discovery of the advanced systems, the fact remains that most of these applications cannot run on their own and there are still things that only a human can do. Most of these apps are used to ease the work but businesses cannot completely rely on these to do the work for them. That is why we need assistance in doing the manual tasks for us.

Looking further, more online business entities are opting to hire people to do a specific work rather than hiring employees to work for them on a full time. This could be more beneficial to them in terms of expenses. On the other hand, this scheme is also favorable on the part of the worker because they only have to do the task where they are good at. 


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Just a few days ago, we have some introductory discussion regarding Virtual Assistant. In case you missed it, here the link to the blog post. 

Companies and businesses are now venturing to outsource most of the tasks needed in order to cope with the ever-growing demand in the field of online business. Thus, freelancing career continues to grow over the years. Many individuals, especially those who opt to work from their homes are now benefiting from this line of activity. In the Philippines, quite a huge number of individuals are discovering the great benefits of working as a virtual assistant. There are even some who decided to left their day job and work as VA for a full time. 

With the substantial amount of benefits, one can get from working as a virtual assistant, no wonder there are many Filipinos who are considering to enter into this field of career. 


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Today's topic will focus more on the different tasks we can do as Virtual Assistant. One of the most needed skills we have to earn before venturing into this type of work is having an advanced knowledge of computer and internet. Since our work would be done online, it is imperative that we can easily learn the different apps which we might be needed for our job. Different employers may require different apps for their business. We need to learn some of these online applications and programs in advance so that when we encounter some openings, we already have an idea. We will discuss these in my next posts.

Tasks may range from simple to more complicated and technical. For the purpose of today's discussion, we will talk about the simplest tasks that can be done by individuals who are just in a starting phase. Here are some the different tasks that  an employer may look for when hiring a Virtual Assistant:


Administrative Tasks


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A virtual assistant may be tasked to act as a liaison, provide products and services information to clients. may help resolve issues that would arise along the process. Answering incoming calls and queries, present products, services, uploading contents to a website, answering emails and other tasks that may be required by the employer in the line of her/his duty.

As an individual in-charge of customer service tasks, one is required to have an excellent communication and presentation skill. We should be very organized, focused and with an ability to multi-task.

Personal Assistant Tasks


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An individual who is maintaining an online business may assign a worker who may be the focal point of all the other workers in the company. He/she may be in charge of scheduling group meetings, assigning tasks to other team members or other personal matters delegated to him/her by the business owner.

Sales and Marketing Tasks


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The tasks included sales and marketing would directly involve business operations such as managing blogs and social media accounts, collaborating with other bloggers and entrepreneurs and preparation of presentations and other marketing materials. He may also be tasked to create campaigns needed for promotional activities and driving traffic to the blog site and storefront. 

Financial Management Tasks


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This tasks may include simple bookkeeping, scheduling of payments and collections,  purchase of necessary materials for the operation of the business and other financial concerns.

Technical Support Tasks


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This may include tasks related to the management of the site such as handling website maintenance and updates and providing necessary technical support. This task may require an advanced knowledge and skill in the Information Technology. 

Web Researcher


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This is another simple task that is associated with being a Virtual Assistant. A business entity or an individual may request for a web researcher to find specific data on the web. The client will give the required output. The task may include finding customers' email addresses/es and providing an Excel Spreadsheet containing the required data. This task would require an advanced skill in online research.

On the final thought:

The work of a Virtual Assistant may be a little complicated as it may require a variety of skills. However, with frequent practice and research, we can eventually learn the different skills which would make things easy for us. A word of advice, before accepting any job offers, make sure that you read the required skill/s and other guidelines. Working as a Virtual Assitant is a very promising career and we can expect a high income once we learn the different skills needed to qualify for different job offers.

Here is another video that may help you understand more about the different skills needed in order to be a successful Virtual Assistant:

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