Simple trick, They think its hack!1

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In previous post I introduced a simple extension to remove Ads from browser
in this post I will show you how to remove Massages icon, Login button , text fields or anything from Facebook or any site simple trick but surprise your friends with it !!!!

Let’s Hack :) !
first of all you need to install “adblock”  here is post about it you can install it from there!!!

After installation! You just need to click on adblock button at the top right of your browser !

Then click on “block an ad on this page” then click on anything you want to remove!

then click on “Look good”
and It’s done!!!!

If you have latest version of “Adblock “ you can do this more easier just Right click on anything you want to remove and then chose Adblock -> block this ad and then click on “Look good”
and now its done!



here is a view after blocking 



How to cancel it!
its easy just click on adblock button and then click on “Pause AdBlock”

And now every things looks like what it was! (after a refresh )


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