Simple Ways to Protect Your Smartphone

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Simple Ways to Protect Your Smartphone

Nigeria is gradually seeing a steady increase in the adoption and use of mobile phones. As the number of mobile phone users increases. Naïve users may lose their data too. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the user’s information and data.

Some important information that can be lost without proper phone protection can be an email address, social media details, banks details, and other private information. Google+ has recently been hinted to shut down because of this information lost.

Nigeria has the largest population in West Africa. And remain Africa’s largest mobile market. Nigeria has about 162 million mobile subscribers. This makes Nigeria the indomitable mobile phone users in West Africa.


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Smartphones contain a plethora of personal information. Every smartphone user should best secure the phone in every and any way possible. Some of the information in an individual smartphone is not for public consumption because such information is sensitive. Hundreds of websites and mobile phones have leaked information. Financial  Information like bank passcodes, account number, email password should not be stored on smartphones.

How do we best protect our phones from individuals and other scavengers of personal information that are stored in phones?

I have itemized the following 5 simple ways to best protect your smartphones from losing important information and data. By using any of these or all of the ways, you are sure to protect your Smartphone.

About 95% of all Smartphone have one locking mechanism or another. Smartphones are designed to be locked with a password, pins or with a pattern. These features are created by phone manufacturers to allow you to protect your private information against unauthorized access by friends, a thief or an acquaintance. Without using the lock feature, the phone becomes vulnerable.

Locking the phone is the first and most important step in protecting your information and data from theft and other social vices. Some Smartphone’s use biometric lock, it the best way to lock your Smartphone.

Smartphones come with another feature, application downloads. Downloading applications and other relevant document matter a lot to Smartphones.

Google play store is the best play to download mobile applications, as the plethora free apps come with the disadvantage of malware that can delete or transfer your mobile store data or information to Blackhat-Hacker.

Sometimes it does not hurt to do a little research on the mobile app. By reading the app security details, user’s review, before blindly accepting to download the app, you have also kept to simple ways to protect your phone.

It is important to know when the mobile application is accessing your camera, microphone, contacts and messages in your inbox. Such an application is not good for your phone as they may leak your personal data out to a third party or a mobile phone hacker.

Smartphone comes with an annoying but necessary feature UPDATE. Mobile phones update are necessary because they help fix bugs, malware and other programs that are not designed or compactable with the phone.

Leaving your Smartphone without an update is synonymous to creating an attack window. 

The phone wipe system is a new way of protecting the data and information stored in your device. This is the last resort! If your phone is stolen and you could not get to the thief. The best way of protecting your data is by the remote wipe.

Remote wipe systems allow complete wipe or system restore to factory settings. It completely erases all personal information from the phone, thereby allowing the phone in factory state


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