Singapore Prime Minister wrote in C ++ Code (The Sudoku solution code)

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The most recently wrote, Sudoku solver program. it is written in C ++ to few years ago, but has been completely left behind the times. Children have been working in the IT industry after graduating from Futari-tomo MIT. Of the alone is flipping through flip the book.

This program is pretty basic. It  got to run at the command prompt in DOS screen. When data will enter one line per line (example: 1-3-8--6), (if there is more than how to solve all how to solve) solution program is how to solve us out printing a. number of steps the program is followed on to look for solutions, even some of the search data.


By the way, the prime minister, produced many genius of that math, owner of your career learned mathematics at the prestigious Cambridge University, Trinity College, the Fields Medal winners are also five. Green body that fits in C ++  had because people of that about too well.  ••••



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