Single Moms are Hero

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For all the parents, soon to be parents and especially to single moms:

For one reason I'm inspired to write this article about mothers who are raising their son or daughters by themselves without the presence of their child's father. Though they have been left behind by their partners, whatever could be the reason behind it still I wholeheartedly salute them. I have two big words to describe all the single mothers out there who are working very hard just to give their child a better life and a better tomorrow. They are brave and bold. Brave because they are courageous on facing whatever life may bring to them. And Bold because they're fearless of what can happen next. Maybe there are times they almost give up due to hardships they may encounter in their life but one thing's for sure, a single mother is stronger than a soldier who faced a battle. Like a wounded soldier who even gets stronger while battling for victory, single mothers are just the same. Though they may have been wounded in their past relationship, they're making this as their motivation to keep up and continue what life has to offer. I salute them! For me, they are our society's HERO.

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