Sir Ken Robinson: "Imagination is the Source of All Human Acievement"

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Sir Ken Robinson is one of those rare individuals who is gifted with the ability articulate his thoughts in a fashion that is accessible in it's clarity so that any listener is able to understand and absorb the message in its purest form.

From humble beginnings in Liverpool, England, Sir Ken vigorously pursued his education. His academic achievements and accolades are too numerous to list here. His contributions to the field of arts and education resulted in his Knighthood by Queen Elizabeth in 2003.

Currently a resident of the United States, Sir Ken is active on the lecture circuit and is involved in many educational projects and initiatives around the globe. His success as an author and educator has facilitated the introduction of his progressive ideas on how to improve the conditions of the current educational system, particularly here in the United States, having an impact on administrators and educators alike. His presentations over the TED website are legendary and hold records for views on You Tube.

Recently here at our studio, #InTheLab host Arthur Kade spoke with Sir Ken about his new book "Finding Your Element", a follow-up to his 2009 book "The Element". These books have given many individuals insight about making positive changes in their own lives and the perception and pursuit of personal growth and happiness. A wonderful interaction between Sir Ken and Arthur Kade is on exhibit here. Please take a few minutes to listen in. We feel you might just find some enlightenment as well.






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