Sir Paul McCartney- Still Having Fun!

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Are you familiar with that song? How about the vocalist?

The song is titled "Yesterday", the most covered song in the history of music. 

For those who are not familiar with the faces, the band is the legendary The Beatles.

The first guy who introduced himself as “Paul McCartney” was George Harrison. The guy who brought the flowers (but gave only the lower part of the bouquet and said “Thank you, Ringo. That was wonderful” was John Lennon.

And the guy singing and playing a left-handed guitar is no other than the music legend, Paul McCartney!

But who is this music legend, Paul McCartney?

Those who grew up between the '60s and the '90s and even perhaps in the early 2000s are most likely familiar with The Beatles and Sir Paul McCartney. For the younger generations, they might have at least heard the name.

Let's find out more about this living legend this chat-blog.



Querlo Chat: Paul McCartney Still Having Fun!



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I hope you enjoyed this chat-blog about one of the living legends in the music industry, Sir Paul McCartney. Truly he is a remarkable and multi-talented person.  If you want to know more about Paul McCartney, you can visit his official website- 

Thanks for chatting.

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