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Last night, my good friend John David Layton shared his thoughts on an interesting topic about Afghanistan, based on an article by Charles Levinson published on the WSJ.

For years, all I read were Afghanistan war articles. Now we are finally hearing of positive stories that will help Afghanistan move forward.

From this article, I noticed the determination of Swiss skier and journalist Christoph Zurcher in the organization of the Afghan Ski Challenge.

But I also loved the enthusiasm of Italian mountain guide Ferdinando Rollando:
"There are 5,000 engineers in Kabul. They do not spend every day skiing with beautiful women. My job is obviously better."

As Mr. Fernando, the Italian ski instructor, had once assured the young Afghans, Mr. Reza believed his win should improve his chances with women. "This victory will help my marriage prospects," he said.

We are now getting in touch with Mr Levinson, Mr Zurcher and Mr Rollando to get some further insight into the project and possibly pictures and videos to document the event.
We also hope they can join our Video Blogging Site and share updates on the developments in the region.

Building schools in Afghanistan and creating Internet points in Herat stay our priority, but those are the positive stories we need to fuel our enthusiasm.

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