Skywalk Experience Review : 4 Stars

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After two weeks or so, I finally received a new review for the blog, "Skywalk Experience" and got a score of 4 out of 5 stars. The challenge for this review was with the tags which I know everyone has an issue with as well. See I had follow what bitLanders said in one of my blog posts too about how to make proper tags but it seemed that it isn't working this time anymore.

But getting five additional buzzes is already a great help in getting the buzz points that I am aiming for. Getting our contents reviewed may actually require additional gems but the return gives us huge amount as well. Mine is worth 40 gems, it had went higher than that, around 100 gems and I had restrained myself from submitting a lot of blogs this time. I had instead set that I should only submit one blog at a time and wait for it to lower down its cost but so far after few weeks of observation, I had noticed that mine gets as low as 40 gems only and not below than that.

Anyway, I have here the recorded video of the review:


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