Smoking bad habit or fashion

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In Islam everything that end human senses. That a man didn’t know what they do and talk .We do not know what we are speaking. What is difference between small and big end of us either. We say drugs or drugs.

 We smoked it. It is not forbidden, but it is definitely bad habit. And along with this it is also in the expending and Islam also has been asked to avoid expending in but actually it's just a bad habit or fashion is what to do?

According to the current conditions and society in which you and your living in more than half the population in Pakistan, according to an estimate, some cigarettes and chewing tobacco, which is surrounded by the most drunk. How a bad habit as well as its disadvantages and if it is my understanding that this drink and understand fashion, fashion habit. Not with standing its many disadvantages. A famous maxim said, at the one end of the cigarette a foolish man and the other is smoke. 

It means the most to our generation, our schools, and College and university students to be seen in. If they asked, why are you, who said only that it is fashion? This is a major cause of our environment.

That is the most affected. It is becoming so common that today's children slowly fashion drink it, feel comfortable using. And it turned out to be a bad habit of fashion again. And always look for a weakness. And then also want to leave is especially difficult. And man slowly pushed himself to death. Because it causes cancer of the lips of man is lumps and I pray that Allah protects us and our future generations the essence of fashion and kept away from the habit. Amen

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