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Thinker and creators consider Cigarettes are Creative Process. Workers and labor understands that his exhaustion get away from this process. Man arrested at odds drinks cigarettes for removing his grief. And many others smoke as a fashion or entertainment. When a child sees that his elders are smoking then he copies from elders and start smoking like those. When a man sees that that many others are smoking then he also starts smoking like them.


In market there are many brands available. And their packing is very nice. That seems to be the view of the container automatically grow and wanting to smoke it and then TV and radio and in newspapers is displayed in beautiful style that a good kind of cigarette drinks each of the individual everywhere receives achievement. It inspires a big movement of smoking. In addition, the deadly effects of smoking do not immediately show its impact. That is why smoking is not considered to be harmful to health.


Psychological point of view, we create an attachment with smoking. That's why people usually smoke more when they are happy or when they are upset. And in a few weeks, the habit of smoking is strongly adopted. Then he becomes a complete smoker. After this, he becomes a victim of different diseases like lung cancer and many other diseases like chronic pulmonary lung disease. And finally he is dead because of smoking.


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