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I am going to write a blog today about a very big evil of society. This evil belongs to every country of the world nowadays. Basically Smuggling means the illegal transportation of the people or the objects. Smuggling has a very long history. It is more common in the developed parts of the world. Various motivations are the cause of smuggling. The most important cause is to make a lot of money in no time. Smuggling is a very common theme in most of the old literature. 

The word smuggling originate from the low German or the dutch smokkelen, and most likely it was entered in the English in 1600 to 1700. 

1. Meaning of Smuggling:

Smuggling means illegal import or export of goods without the permission of the government and without paying custom duties. It is thus a very serious crime. It harms not one or two persons but injures the welfare of the whole nation. It is a pity that all of us know this, still some of us are engaged in this dangerous activity and most of us are encouraging it one way or another. It is so sinful that I think it is a way to cut off the right of the peoples of the country. 

2. Responsibility of the people:

In a society, people are individually and collectively responsible for the welfare of the society. The laws of a country are made for the good of its inhabitants. They are made for the peace and prosperity of the people. If some persons break these laws, they are acting against the good of all citizens. If smugglers are breaking the laws, then if we know about them then it is our utmost duty that we should take it to the knowledge of the concern departments of the government. Smuggling is too much nowadays, and a main reason is that the smugglers are doing their wrong work and no one is there to see them, to stop them and to punish them.

3. Imports:

A person however rich he may be cannot buy every things which he sees in the shops. In the same way a nation cannot import all the things of the world. If Pakistan imports goods from another country, it has to pay in gold or goods. Thus what we import, depends on the amount of goods we sell in the foreign countries. Our exports are limited. Naturally we can import a limited and selected number of goods. We cannot afford to import things that are unimportant or useful only for a few persons. It is very essential for a country's welfare that the imports should be very less. If we are importing much more things, then it is very harmful for the country. 

4. Imports of Pakistan:

Pakistan imports machines, steels and other such things necessary for our industry. Those things that are made in the country are generally not imported. Luxury goods like big cars, expensive cloth, cosmetics etc are imported in a small quantity. Very high custom duty is levied on such imports and few persons can pay the prices of these things. The main imports of Pakistan are Oil and tea. Oil is very much important for the country's energy production. 

5. Reasons of smuggling:

Many persons are tempted by things made in the foreign countries. This is why foreign goods like cloth, watches, crockery etc are smuggled into the country. Their price is paid in food and gold which are smuggled out. And by this way the smugglers are giving very much harm to the country economy. 

6. A big business:

Smuggling is big business. There are great risks and huge profits in it. There are people who will risk every thing for money and there are others who will help or at least shut their eyes if they get their fees. Smuggling can be stopped only if very strict laws are made and they are enforced without fear or favour, then we can get rid of this big evil. 

In short smuggling is very harmful for the country. Government should make such laws that ensures to stop this big evil. Pakistan's currency is very much effected by this bad evil. In order to flourish our country we should seed to develop more and more laws, and people should cooperate with the government and law and enforcement agencies. 

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