So Much for a Loving God...

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"At the entry to every lane you made yourself cubicles, defiling your beauty and spreading your legs to all and sundry in countless acts of prostitution. You have fornicated even with your neighbors, the Egyptians with their huge erections, provoking my anger with further acts of harlotry....So then, whore, hear the word of the Lord....For all this, I will assemble all the lovers whom you pleasured, whether you loved them or not. Yes, I will assemble them around you and strip you bare in front of them, and let them ogle your bear body from head to toe. I will pass on you the sentence that adulterers and murderers receive; I shall hand you over to their jealous fury; ...they will rip off your finery, take away your jewelry and leave you stark naked. Then they will call a public assembly to deal with you--to stone you to death and hack you to pieces with their swords, to burn down your cublicles and wreak justice upon you, while many other women look on."

(Ezek. 16:25-26, 35-41)

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Jeff Sado is a producer and writer located in Manhattan. Jeff lives in the last residence designed by Richard Morris Hunt before he died, and has been a real estate executive managing and brokering some of Manhattan's most prestigious buildings. His son is a super student and rising star on…

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