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Welcome fellow bloggers and filmmakers! 

If you already follow my other blog (, you will understand a bit about me. But for the people that don't, here are some interesting(ish) facts: 

  • I go to Staffordshire University to study Media (Film) Production. I'm about to go into my final year.
  • My hobbies include fitness, photography, films and animals.
  • I'm working my way up to become a DOP or an AD, depending on where I end up - I love both roles!
  • In my spare time I like to draw.
  • I have a background of art, collecting 5 GCSE's and 2 A-Levels in Art & Design alone. I also have an A* GCSE and Distinction BTEC A-Level in Media. 
  • My favourite actor is Alan Rickman. I shouldn't need to explain why...


I've worked on many short films and productions whilst at University, my latest project called 'BitterSweet'. My aim for my 2nd year at university was to try out as much as possible so in the 3rd year I can focus on making mind-blowing productions, so I made two films in the 2nd year: Tempted?, and BitterSweet. Both have over-the-top narratives, with one containing nudity. They were both amazing learning curves and I learnt a lot whilst on set for them - experience pays off! 

On this blog, you'll see the development of my films, as well as reviews of any films I see, shoots I'm on and photography. I can't wait to show everyone my journey into becoming a vital part of the film industry! 

About the author


Hello! My name is Amy Styran, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Leeds. I delve into everything from cinematography to assistant directing, working on many shoots in and out of university (Staffordshire Uni).

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