social evils 3

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The unemployment young men should be given suitable employments so that they become useful members of society. Bribery, nepotism, jobbery, black marketing are very hideous social evils and they should be eradicated relentlessly.


The law enforcing agencies should remain vigilant so that all those elements that indulge in anti-social activities are caught and brought to book. Judicial sentences should be imposed on all those who are found guilty of adulteration and profiteering because both law and morality do not allow it. All the students in colleges and universities should be given a moral training so that they learn to detest social evils.


These measures can a long way to check the spread of social evils. The justice is play very important role in social evil. When the justice is not operated the nation has been expired. The colleges and the university play a vital role to do justice.

In universities and colleges training the students to do justice in our daily life and routine work so that the students learn the justice in social evil. The law enforcing agencies and the other agencies is control the anti-social activities and the caught the criminals and do the some work to social evil.

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