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All through the course of history, we have witnessed the stands of good and evil morning simultaneously. Man’s absolute desire for an ideal society has made him think of ways eradicates the stands o f evil. For that purpose a lot of thinking has been done on this issue.

The ancient social reformers remained concerned with the true human nature which co-existed amidst virtues and vides. Social vices have very harmful effect on society. Vices prosper a virtues fail to remain active. In our society, evils have run rampant.

The evils like street crimes, drugs, smuggling, gang rapes, bribery, black marketing, injustice and dishonesty have these are the direct consequence of unrealistic human desires, uneven distribution of resources and social frustrations. Social evils flourish because of several reasons. The first and foremost is that unemployment has become very common. 

The restless youth wants to do something through fair and foul means. These young people indulge in looting, plundering, purse-snatching, and gambling and several other crimes. They are fully awaited of the fact that the society has failed to give them their proper status and so it is their right to indulge in every sort of crime to make a better living. These people have got a sense of social uselessness.

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