Social media and advertising invest in Afghanistan's educational system and Afghanistan Internet infrustructure

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A big part of Film Annex's business model involves social media strategies and advertising. Our model allows us to invest in Afghanistan's educational system and Afghanistan's Internet infrustructure by building Internet classrooms in primary, secondary, and high schools.

Information and links on this initiative at this stage are available here.

Here are some of the questions we are asking leading digital and social media thought leaders:

  • What do you think of Film Annex's Afghan Development Project?
  • Social media have changed the political scenarios of several countries in the last two years. Can they also affect the educational and financial landscape? If yes, how so?
  • Is Digital and Social media the most efficient source that can educate the Afghan youth?
  • Can digital media and advertising financially sustain the upcoming economy of Afghanistan and its educational system?
  • How can digital media serve the emancipation of Afghan women and provide them with an independent education, connectivity, and financial freedom?
  • What is your opinion on investing in the education of the Afghan youth and women by building schools in Afghanistan?
  • Film Annex goal is to increase the average yearly income in Afghanistan from $900 to $8000. How long do you think this will take?
  • Veterans have a prominent role in the Film Annex initiatives in Afghanistan. What is your opinion on (G.I.V.E.) - Global Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship and building veteran business opportunities?

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