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 Media is one the most important ways in communications world. In the past there was shortage ofmedia, it was difficult to have connections with the others. Nowadays media is a good way for thepeople to have connections with themselves. In 21th century free media is a pillar of democratic regimes.

 Free media help the people to have the real information of their community.Although democracy has three pillars but one pillar that is free media has been added to these pillars recently. Nowadays right of accessing to media especially free media has been mentioned in the most of institutions of countries.

So the countries that have not free media the democracy is defective in those countries. Media is divided in two sections one is closed and another is open media. Media should proselyte national unity,perfect culture and solidarity, but unfortunately some of the media schematize among the people which this action incur losses the solidarity of the communities so if the media do their prophesy it’s useful but if their activity be fanatical will destroy the communities.

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