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Scouring through Film Annex, I stumbled across this video which interviews Sean Behr, the General Manager of  In the video, Behr discusses the progression of the online video industry and the role of in transforming the rising market.  It's interesting how he tracks the evolution of the internet video culture starting from its fledgling days in 2007 to what it is today.  Perhaps in a span of a few years, it will be transformed again into something greater than its present state.

In this interview, he notes that political and social change has happened in a span of a couple of years with a few years.   Arab Spring comes to my mind, and the Twitter and Facebook revolution that happened in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries.  With the impact of social media on such a grand scale in political and societal upheaval, there is more than a simple potential that education and economic changes are achievable in this lifetime, perhaps even nearer than what we expect.  Mr. Behr agrees with such notions. 

The efforts of this website to expose the educational need in Afghanistan and their attempts to alleviate the situation are nothing short of admirable.  Witnessing the changes first hand via documentaries will urge many to give their support, financial or otherwise.  Social Media changed the way people communicate and receive their news.  We are no longer bound by one singular perspective and far off places are more accessible to our living room.  Web videos are no longer just people hanging out on their couches logging in their days.  While there is still that aspect of amateurism on the web, the medium is now embraced as a legitimate avenue of journalism and film making.  I only look forward to seeing what Social Media could do for those girls in Afghanistan,

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