Social Media In Afghanistan, Interviews with Aljazeera & Tolo TVs

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In the last week, a teachers ‘meeting held in Majubah Hiravi high school to discuss about the lesson’s competitions between the school, and a decision made to attend in these competitions. A media team came from Aljazeera international TV and interviewed with the students about the computer classes. They checked all the computer class and took films of it. The students’ responses to their questions were very satisfiable. There spread a plot between the students that prevented the students to go to school. The school’s authorities solved the problem.

Another team came from Tolo TV with premier league football players.   They came and visited the computer class and the students. The students were very happy to visit the premier league football player. The students were very happy that the computer class, social media and digital media. They are very grateful of Afghan Citadel Company and Film annex.

The cricket, Football and baseball team were practicing and getting ready for the competitions. The students are writing there blogs to put in the Film annex web site and earn income. 

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