Social Media in Afghanistan

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We really live in information age, the age that communication changed the world into a small village.  One of the important tools of communication is media. That nears all people around the world and cut long ways into short. Medias joined various cultures and races. Mutations in periods of the date affected on media and created different kinds that Includes Social media beside Mass media.

The term Social media refer for use of technologies stood on internet and defines as communications for interact.  These let users to exchange contents in social networks, platforms, blogs, micro blogs, wikis, podcasts and content communities.

Using of social media and networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and now Film annex are raising in Afghanistan and users are shaping the identity of Afghans in cyberspace. Although for high costs and limited access of internet in Afghanistan the users are low, but will have bright future.

Afghans are using social media for sharing of their ideas by writing blogs and posting comments or tweets. Communicating with friends and families, Searching new friends and informing from daily news are next uses of social media by Afghans.

Social media are so effective for Afghans especially youths, because these age groups are busy in using.  News broadcasted that an American girl named Cristina has got in love with an Afghan boy through Facebook. Finally the girl came to Afghanistan and married with the boy and she became Muslim too. It shows that Afghan’s youths enjoy using social media and networks; they pretend that joining social media will bring them the voice of peace, stability and unity. Their thinking is correct.

The role of social media is much outstanding and effective in the countries which are testifier of insecurity and government repressions. And public access to world’s media is limited. For this mutter Afghan users informing the news in cyberspace with their interests. Membership in one or lots of social networks can provide ways for Afghans to analyze the fact and share with others. Also afghan women can be empower through the social media too, and by using of that they can buckle with different problems of life. In this area Women’s annex is more efficient for empowering of women through social media. Women’s annex is as blogging and film platform, which can pay money for writing blogs and filming videos.

It is happy day that there is lots of social media operating in Afghanistan, and people using them without any opposite conditions. Although using of social media in Afghanistan are rising day by day, but it is important to know the correct knowledge and culture of using them.

By Muhammad Elias Hatimi

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