Social Media Strategies and Lead Generation are Building schools in Afghanistan and Veteran business opportunities

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“Social Media” is a very popular term today. On Google Adwords, it's claimed to have 2.7 million searches a month. The term “Social media strategies” is searched only 40,500 and it's a much more niche market and consequently of higher interest for us. You might ask yourself “why are you interested in a smaller bucket of viewers?” Simply because for the Lead Generation, quality is better than quantity!

This article on the Washington Post defines the role of social media in politics, and it's evident how effective the tool and the movement are when well managed. Here at Film Annex, we were able to carve specific niche keywords as: Building Schools in Afghanistan and project ourselves on the first page of a search. This is what we do with Film Annex Buzz. Film Annex Buzz is the ultimate tool for social media and lead generation, it is the tool that supports an entrepreneur, a company, or an organization to establish itself as a Thought Leader.

This is the reason why Film Annex Buzz is now the tool shared with:

  • Writers, covering current events all over the world and in particular Afghanistan blog articles: The Annex Press Editors
  • Veterans and Veteran businesses who are defining, promoting, and realizing military employment opportunities, from basic interviews to sophisticated web series: (G.I.V.E.) Global Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship
  • Afghan businesses and writers: Writing blogs to earn money and educate about Afghanistan business opportunities, in particular, relavant to the Afghan education system and Afghanistan women businesses.

Film Annex Buzz positions itself as the engine of Social Media Strategies, and consequently cultural, educational, and political development.


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