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BitLanders works by calculating your social engagement into a ‘BuzzScore.’ The BuzzScore is a competitive ranking from 0 to 100 that reflects your ability to involve users on your posts, blogs, videos, pictures, content, you name it. This takes into account how many people subscribe to your content, ‘buzz’ (which is like a facebook ‘like’) your content as well as comment.

After your BuzzScore is calculated at the end of every day, you are given a certain amount of Bitcoin as reflected by your BuzzScore and the current Bitcoin price. This money comes from a shared advertisement model. (At the moment, BitLanders does not have any ads; they are anticipating returning to advertisements with a native advertisement model as well.)


BitLanders has its own unique experience. Instead of a profile picture, you have an avatar that you can edit to reflect you physically, metaphorically, or in any way you want. Personally, I like that more than having to judge someone on profile picture alone. It removes the personal face from your content and makes the site much more content-based.

Unlike Facebook, you’re not going to see a lot of angry political banter or inflammatory. Unlike Tumblr, you’re not going to see sexually explicit content. The closest platform I would compare it to is Twitter, given that BitLanders allows you post  in 160 characters ‘microblogs,’ however you can post full blog posts which emulate Tumblr’s format. You can also post ‘Galleries’ which remind me of Facebook’s albums and you can upload your films which is pretty straight forward.


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