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Nowadays , Social Media represents 90% of our daily lives by all its ways like television , radios and Internet .

Social Media now became the most important and efficient way to know any news happen all over the world  but the most importantly of all Social Media is the Internet broad band as it's the fastest way  to spread any thing you wish around the world in just a few minutes .

Some sorts of SOCIAL MEDIA's importance like television channels began to decrease by time because of the Internet as it's a way faster and more accurate than any thing else and by the twenty first century , in my personal opinion I don't think that any body around the world doesn't have a computer and internet cable I think that all people all over the world are connected to the Internet except for some poor areas , by that exception most of the people have many of their daily works accomplished  by their computer , laptops or even mobile phones or any other device connected to the Internet .

The Internet has has made the world opened to each and every one of us as it's used by the old and by the young for every thing whether it's used for studying , working or even for entertaining such as watching some videos on Youtube or playing some online games so, to cut it short for every one want to do anything just use the Internet .


written by : Mohamed Mostafa .


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20 years old guy was born in 1993 from Cairo and studying at faculty of commerce English section Cairo university and interested in the online jobs widely .

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