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This is the age of development and technologies and also we call it the age of Internet. Today the social media for the people especially for the young generation is the best source of communication with relatives and friends. In general the overwhelming majority of social media users are active only in one site and most of their Social Media Working is involved from a single site. For example, the girls and boys who have a habit of using Twitter they rarely use Facebook and other social websites. Similarly those who are obsessed of Facebook they rarely come online on the Twitter account.

It is hundred percent true that every social networking site has a different significance now these are not the only source of passing our free time or source of enjoyment but all are useful in our professional life. These Web sites are not just a series of links connecting but because of all the websites we can show our different skills and proficiency. Through these social web sites our abilities, talent, art and any skill can be shown to the whole world.

Those social media users who want to demonstrate their skill or ability through social web sites, the biggest problem for them is that they do not have much time to active on many social networking sites. If a user is active on twitter so his Facebook account stays silent, similarly, if the user's attention is Insta gram Flickr or LinkedIn by which he brings his skills to the world then he could not continue its activities on You-tube.

Very few people know that they can show their all efforts on social websites using the one source; moreover, we can post and share the content of our desire and can benefit from them. The source or process of benefiting from various Social Medias by using single source is known as “Social Media Aggregation” in the world of social media. Actually social media aggregation is a process in which a user can gather the same kind of material or content and can brought on the single platform. And in terms of social media user is called “Social Network aggregator” that gathers all relevant information in one place.In addition social network aggregation helps the user to create the single profile of all the social medias.

Social Network Aggregator provides the opportunity to the users to share the popular activities on The Twitter, Digg, Delicious, and YouTube and on other major social websites together at one time. User has no tension to share his content on various websites it is useful and time saving.

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