Social Network and Women in Afghanistan!

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Now a days information plays a significant role in people’s life. If we look closer, we are delivering and transmitting a huge amount of information in every minute of our daily life. We transmit the information when we talk with someone, when we read a magazine or watch TV, when we are using the internet and lots of other places where we are exchanging information. Social networks are one of the facilities that accelerate the speed of exchanging information between people.

Social networks are nothing but people communicating with each other rather than considering the age, gender, nationality or geographic places.

Every day a large amount of information is exchanged by people around the world through the social networks like facebook, twitter, google plus and other social networks .The information could be a latest and jangle politics news or a family picture or any entertainment that shared by people.

Shortly social networks became used to expand the communication between people and inform them form what is happening around the world. Everyone uses the social network based on his/her condition and interest; Some for business and some for communication with friends and family.

In Herat people normally use facebook social network for sharing their information with each other rather than any other social network. Women who are familiar with computer knowledge and have access to the internet also use this social network. And fortunately their numbers are increasing day by day.

The thing that wonders me in this issue is the way this social network is been used. Let me explain more:
A few days ago I asked a new friend to give me her facebook address. Her properties in Facebook were totally opposite of what she is. Name, profile photo and biography made me think that it’s someone else’s address! When I asked her, she smiled and replied: “in my family, my brothers had used Facebook and when I wanted to create an account there, they didn’t let me and said we don’t want everyone to see our sister in the facebook! But since I liked to communicate with my friends I created an account any way.  Of course a fake account that no one from my families knows me!”

Another friend of mine says “I use Facebook but my only friends there are my family members, people who I see them every day.  They don’t like me to have communication with other people.”

I was wondering what could be the harm in having communication with people in the virtual world and how it anomalous with our religions and culture?

In my opinion having more communication in the social networks means having more information of what is happening around the world which can mean also having a lot of entertainments.

What is painful for me is that why women in my country, even in the virtual world must have limitation and live with some restricted rules?  Why couldn’t they live and have fun like other women around the world?

I should mention that not all the women in my country have these kinds of limitations but this is what happening to the most afghan women who live in Afghanistan.

Here in the most afghan families using true information and especially the photo of an afghan woman in Facebook is something unbelievable and mostly impossible!

After writing this text, I am thinking that women of my country are not only virtual in real world because of all the restrictions,  but are even more virtual than others in the virtual world of internet!



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I am a computer engineer and have several years experience of working and teaching in this area in Herat-Afghanistan.
I am also interested in social activities and fine art and sometimes work in this fields too.
I published several text and painting books for children of my country.

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