Social Reform in Pakistan

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Social Reform in Pakistan

No country or institution is perfect. There is always some scope for improvement in every sphere of life. Reform, in one way or another is , therefore, a perennial question; it is in fact progress. A country in which there is no reform and no desire for betterment is stagnant; indeed it is worse than stagnant; it is degenerate. Have civilization advances, conditions change, and the condition of life which were considered satisfactory or thousand year or even a century ago, may be unsatisfactory and even harmful today.

Social reform aims at the improvement of the manner of life of the people. Social reform is very important because a nation is judged by strangers. More by the slandered and the condition of life of its population in general then its political institution, religious ideals or economic prosperity.


Much attention has been paid to social reform in Pakistan within the last twenty years in much abiding good has been the result. The task has not been an easy one for his matter of his habit and custom it is often impossible effect a rapid change. It is difficult to convince large masses of people of the necessity or even the desirability of change and there will always be many whose interest lead them to resist actively and suggestion of alteration.


In Pakistan particular attention has been paid to reform the marriage customs, the education and the health of the public. Some of the marriage customs among the Muslims of Pakistan were the result of the impact of Hindu society. The passing of the Sarada act and pre-independence years was an effort of the legislator to effect an improvement in the custom of marring children at the early age, practice which has been condemned by social reform on moral physical and public ground. This legislation met with violent opposition from the orthodox Hindu society but In remain, in the opinion of enlightened people; a beneficent measure design to remove one of the darkest defect in Indian social life. Thanks to the reassertion of Islamic ideal of life that early marriages practically died of in Pakistan.


Measures are under contemplation to restrict are even abolish the dowry system which is a Attempts are being made to exercise a whole some check extravagant expenditure on marriage occasions. Legislative legacy of our connect with Hindu society Marriage‎.

Another domain engaging the attention of reformers today is education. Much has been don’t but a tremendous effort remains to be put forth before the blot of illiteracy can be erased fgrom the fair page of Pakistan history. The difficult are enormous. The cost of introducing compulsory general education would necessitate a great increase in taxation. Compulsory attendance at school would deprive the villager of the labor of his children in fields on which he largely depends.