Software Development As a Career

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At start you can think of software a computer program. A computer program is basically the instructions you provide to computer or any other electronic device so that it can do what you want. Basically a software is not just a program it also includes other things like documents, user manuals (like user manuals of any device) etc.



In todays world Software Development is a career which has the highest scope ... in the present and in future too. You can start learning software development if you are Intermediate or even if you have just completed your matriculation. In Pakistan there is a lot of unemployment. We put our effort in wrong direction. Bright student took engineering or medical which is right if they are really interested in it. But our society thinks only these are the fields which can ensure Bright future. But most of Engineering student are also unemployed or working at very less salaries. Our Universities do not focus on skills they only encourages theoretical knowledge. A lot of flux rejected form Engineering universities took admission in And after that they work for 10-15 thousand only.By learning software development you can earn at least 50000/month. The most important thing is that there a lot lot of jobs in software engineering. You can also work from home as a free lancer.

I will give you further information about software development, i will also give you the link you website and all related information so that you can learn software development form home. without paying a penny. 


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Name: Muhammad Afzal
Age: 20 years
City: Karachi

I am a student. I study Software Engineering at University of Karachi.

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