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Almost everywhere on land there is soil it is the material that covers the earth’s surface. Soil is very important because many living things use it as their supply of nutrients and place of shelter.

All the plants that we eat grow in soil plants directly or indirectly are the source of energy for all living things on our plant. Soil support plants by holding their roots. Firmly and by providing important nutrients for their healthy growth.

What soil is made of ?

Soil is made up of four things these are water, air, particles of minerals and organic matter (dead plants and animals). Minerals come from the broken rocks found under the ground.

Have you ever touched soil and felt it? How many kind of soil have you seen? Did you make anything along of soil?

Animals live in soil :

Small animals such as make their homes in the soil smaller animals such as: earthworms, millipedes, beetles, ants and slugs also live in soil these animals help to aerate the soil while their waste enriches the soil.

If you have ever visited any construction site, you must have seen deep holes there. If you look closely at the side walls of the holes. You can see that the soil from the bottom to the top is not the same.

Soil on the earth is found in layer.





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