Solar Generation (Part 1)

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My Name is Rao Noman Ali. Its My 13th blog.I tell about that the Solar Generation. Sun is the ultimate source of energy on earth. solar energy reaches our earth in 20 sec total output energy of sum is which emits in all directions only a small amount of energy is reaches to earth in earlier times some tribes considered sun as GOD Because they think that every natural phenomena occurs due to power of sum. they use sum energy for cooking to dry clothes and evaporate sea water to yiles salt Biggest Advantages of solar energy is that it is clean and can be provided without any environmental pollution

Over the last era at worldwide level solar energy skills installation has in creased exponentially In  worldwide installed capacity of photo voltaic panels was 106 GW and in  it reaches to with average yearly growth rate of  In the same way at the end of  installed

Solar work in Pakistan

Solar energy plants are under progress with the collaboration of international energy Agency China and Pakistani private sector energy companies in Pakistani Kashmir sindh And Baluchistan

Pakistan has stepped past by installing the first solar power plant on in Islamabad. This is special grant support project of Japan international cooperation agency under cool earth partnership and project title is Introduction of clean energy by solar “Electricity Generation System

This project was planned to satisfy the requirement of planning commission like AS Pak Sectreat and Pakistan Engineering Council


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