Solar powered plane completes flight across the United States

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Solar powered plane completes flight across the United States

Next team's goal is to travel around the world with new model, the Solar Impulse HB-SIB.

on July 10, 2013Solar powered plane completes flight across the United States(Image Source: Playback / Geeky Gadgets )

The plane powered by the sun, Solar Impulse, recently completed his journey across the United States. Although the vehicle has already made international and intercontinental flights before, only now he became the first apparatus fed by that kind of strength to fly from one coast to another country.

The machine has completed the feat, model HB-SIA, is fueled by more than 11 000 panels distributed by their wings almost 64 meters.During the day, the plates provide power chip operation of the vehicle while loading a battery, which operates during the night.

The trip was made in two months and three days, departing from Mountain View, Calif., and arrival at the international airport John F. Kennedy, in New York. The plane made stops in the states of Arizona, Texas, Missouri and Virginia, staying a few weeks in each location. Each flight segment lasted 19-25 hours.

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The original schedule of the trip provided that the arrival in New York the day after it actually happened, but the plans were advanced on behalf of a tear discovered during flight in the bottom of the wing. Once you have completed the test, the team plans to use a new model, the HB-SIB, to perform the first air travel around the globe powered entirely by solar energy.

The team makes the job flying coast to coast and I have to post that on the Blog because I dont want to show news incomplete, thats why I was waiting to show for the people that like these Blog and thks to the Solar Impulse Team that break another record.

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