Solution for Advertising Industry who are hit by Adblockers

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Since Ad-Blockers started to block the ads, the companies and websites are hit and went down as far financial gains is concerned. In the past, before the introduction of Ad-Blocker, the companies and brands would depend their success when a number of people would click their ads and buy the desired item. Today, this seems pretty hard, because Ad-Blocks have made it very difficult for publishers to earn through ads and the companies that were interested in showing their ads to the users.

The question now arise as how can companies that advertise, website owners, ad-networks and the brands drag the attention of the users back?

The answer is "bitMiles"! bitMiles connects the users with the companies now, while it offers the users to classify and support the brand they like and the products of the companies. In this way, the classification and support is compensated for providing opinion, thoughts, pros- and cons, and purchase power while getting to know the brand, products and services simultaneously.

The compensation offered at bitMiles is tantamount to a worldwide loyalty program which lets a user collect reward and share information.



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