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Peace in this world has become a dream. No country is fully peaceful now. Whole world is going through a crucial time. The present world is a scientific and technological world bringing advancement and progress. But every person knows that he is living in a fearful world individuals have some sort of fear in their minds.

The world has passed through a lot of challenges but the two world wars and their terrible experiences masked over all other challenges. The effects are still seen in different parts of world. After these world wars the real peace escaped from the world just the name of peace is left. The threat of further wars is hanging over the head of whole humanity like a sword. The whole world is on an edge of destruction.

For the preservation of world and humanity it is important that individuals and nations should work together to stop this drift towards virtual annihilation. It is the duty of all countries and all individuals to do everything within their power. And stop cold wars of aggression and use peaceful means to settle international disputes. And every state should have a thought of peace, prosperity and progress.

In past many attempts were made to establish peace but all attempts were useless and failed. These attempts will fail again and again unless the nations and people come to realize the requirement for the establishment of peace. The most requirements are the establishment of an international organization having a powerful authority. Such organization is present in United States working purposefully and seriously maintains peace in the world. But still local wars are there which later can be transferred into major problems. To bring peace there should be a radical change in people and nations as a whole. People should know that idea of war is out of date. Conflicts between nations should be referred to international authority to give decisions.

Such international authority should have power to enforce its decisions on all nations. When all nations of world will accept this code of internal authority the dark times will end and new era of peace, happiness and prosperity will emerge.

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