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For long winter evenings or weekends, I recommend the most warming movie genre - action movies. I introduce a few movies that force you to survive together not easy heroes' life and hold your breath while watching cool performance of the main heroes.

Sometimes you do not want to complicate yourself in the late evening with great reflections and negative emotions. Action movies are perfect for this. They do not require much involvement; they meet most of the simple needs of the viewer, and most importantly, have a great ability to improve our mood. They can also inspire.

Fast Thrilling. Exciting. These are the few epithets applied to various action movies. The presence of these qualities contributes to the success of the film relating to this genre.

The United States generation that grew up throughout the nineties, still remembers with the nostalgia and idealize the heroes of those times: Rambo, Terminator, Rocky. Times are changing, and new players are joining the action-based films.

 Watching action movies doesn’t mean just watching a good hero catches an evil. Action movies are not just constant shooting. Deep philosophy, subtle humor, and lyrical scenes are not alien to this genre. Especially if cult film directors and true professionals of their work take on such films' creation. Get to know some of them. 


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The DEN OF THIEVES film develops a story about sheriff department officials who want to trace bank robbers and their black deeds. Such a story is not randomly chosen because Los Angeles, according to bank robberies, is statistically the most robbed city in the world. And when a group of robbers decides to take the most ambitious adventure in the history of the city, the sheriff's team is not even going to let it be realized.

Big Nick (Gerard Butler), an influential and experienced chief of one of the most elite police departments in Los Angeles, is going to the streets with his team every day to defend the law and punish those who are ready to step over it. Nick regularly proves that his team is much cooler than those they hunt.

it's a completely entertaining and fun ride through some surprisingly complex characters and an unexpectedly intricate game of cat and mouse.


But even such brave guys can have rivals. Suddenly, Nick learns about the plans of the legendary and elusive criminal that is about to make the obbery of the US Federal Reserve Bank. It is one best-protected bank in the country is famous because there are 120 million depreciated dollar banknotes delivered every day for its annihilation: old but still usable and impossible to trace.

Not wanting to watch from the side, the policeman declares war to the criminal and intends to thwart the plans of the criminal at any cost. Big Nick does not like to play by the rules, so the thief will have a hard time. The situation gets complicated because the criminal is chased not only by police but also by another influential gangster group.



Despite strong pressure from all sides, the thief is about to finish what he has begun and put his plan into action.

The storyline is of high quality; it does not feel any kind of cliches. There is a balance with reality, and at the same time, fragments of gangsters are tastefully inserted. Here it is difficult for the viewer to predict - what is rare in the film industry these days - how the action will continue, and that is what generated the very positive emotions of this thriller.

The main thing for me in this film was the scenes of the shootings of the sheriff’s people and the robbers. Everything is presented to us so tastily and believable that I want to re-watch these scenes again and again. The heroes here act harmoniously and skillfully, covering each other and making detour maneuvers. Shooting going from rifles, automatic guns, pistols, and even a light machine gun found a place.

As a result, if you like movies about bank robberies, lush shootouts, muscular men, then DEN OF THIEVES is your choice.  Yes, the picture is slightly prolonged, the plot is not original, but high-quality execution allows us to relate the film to the successful action movies of 2018, which we saw not so many last year. 

The film turned out to be spectacular, dynamic, with a good intrigue - in a word, an excellent criminal action movie. The main characters are the bad guys, the robbers from the former super-soldiers.

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MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - a cult franchise's creation by George Miller, matured in his fantasy for a quarter of a century and filmed for 18 years! The film's actors Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron played roles falling into almost all tops of the coolest action movies' personages.

Mad Max is a trilogy about a police officer experiencing grief and lust for revenge, forced to survive in conditions of shortage of population's adequacy and gasoline. The first tape influenced the entire film industry, and the general genre of dieselpunk, that references to it are still used almost as the basis of many games, films, comics, and books. Director and screenwriter George Miller invented a world where global catastrophe is not nuclear war, but the pathological thirst of civilization to kill each other with or without reason using the car as creatively as possible.

After deciding to play with the audience's expectations and create a double-bottomed film, director Miller turned Max (Tom Hardy) to the second plan's hero, giving preference to Furiosa (Charlize Theron). She meets the Max who stayed in the wilderness, agreed to help her and seeks freedom and independence at all cost.


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The film won six Oscar awards and become a cult before it reaches the screen, and for loyal fans, the film director announced about onew more sequel!

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is undoubtedly one of the best action movies of the 2015 year's beginning. After the session, it seems that there are no other action movies at all; it is impossible to find words to express fascination.

This film is beautiful in everything. To say that action is on a high level is to say nothing. It is fantastically cool. Camera work is fantastically abrupt, slowdowns and accelerations are elegantly made, amazing ideas, excellent mega excellent colors, and there is still room for drama and thought.


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In 2012, the criminal action movie SAFE HOUSE, in this list, most closely matches the frame of the classic action film and justifies the expectations of the audience. 

Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) left the CIA, and now he sells classified information to those who pay the most. And naturally, the US government is looking for him around the world, and they managed to detain him in Cape Town, the beautiful city of South Africa. But as it turns out, someone else hunts for Frost, and a completely inexperienced agent Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) will try to prevent Frost from falling into the hands of mercenaries.

The creators of the film say that Safe House is one of those films, where real filming replaced the computer graphics, so there is no shortage of shooting scenes and catching. The main characters on the Cape Town roads are moving by the music of Jay Z and Kanye West, giving the film sound and style.


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The film left a very pleasant impression on me primarily because of its atmosphere: spy games taking place in the beautiful backdrop of Cape Town, look very attractive. First of all, I would like to note the qualitatively made shootouts. Een in spite of the well-thought-out scenario, the shootouts are very realistic and look quite natural, not fake.

It is also worth highlighting the well thought out plot of the film: the dialogues are thought out very well, the unpredictable moments are definitely present in the film, which of course pleases. 

Director Daniel Espinosa was able to shoot a great movie, which until the end keeps in tension. 

In general, SAFE HOUSE is a real film with real government problems, real agents, and a real threat. No joke. In my opinion, the lovers of shootings, crazy chase, exciting plot with an extraordinary end must watch it.

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The life of spies is serious and dangerous, so why not get rid of it. Adventure and action comedy KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE will do it. 

In the film, you will find everything you need for the action movie about spies: the hero, the bad guy who wants to destroy the world, and many good action scenes and a happy ending that is simply inevitable.  Eggsi (Taron Egerton) meets with secret agent Harry Hart (Colin Firth) in his childhood when he gives him a medal for the courage of his father who died in the mission.

A boy who has already grown up on the next stage is engaging with his friends in a variety of problems, stealing his mother friend's car, and getting into jail. Here, the fates of these two people meet again, and Harry proposes to take part in new training and become a secret agent like him. The guy, without any more losing, agrees.



As you may understand already, this is the typical story of a hero suddenly appearing in the life of a rebellious guy and returns him to a fairway.  His behavior, manners, the perception of life, and goals change. In general, this film provides something new for this genre and fascinates that with the help of humor can create a good story of action.

Violence is the most important part of this story. The violence makes not only the action bomb from this movie but also one of the bloodiest and most epic comic screenings I just had to see. People are slaughtered like a meat machine, and all of this is shown great visually, cheerfully, and simply in style. There is no place in the film where the violence seems too banal or overstretched. No, absolutely no. This is a film in which violence can equate to the masterpiece of art.

The film was also accompanied by impressive fights that didn't stop all over the film. The most interesting thing is that the movie is divided into several parts. With every step toward the finale of the film, the outbreak of violence grew and grew until the most effective finale was finally shown.




Kingsman: The Secret Service movie fans got to know Kingsman's secret spy service: an experienced spy veteran and his younger apprentice. Learning the subtleties of secret agents' work, the guy found his place in spy service and realized that his mission was to save the world from the villains - the mission not only very responsible but also full of adventures.

When Harry (Colin Firth) and Eggsy (Taron Egerton) headquarter got destroyed, and the world's security and peace are at the danger, the men learn about the secret US States Statesman's existent. By joining forces, elite secret agents must prove their ingenuity and strength while fighting against the fierce common enemy who wants to break the world peace. It is a sadistic and unpredictable Poppy (Julianne Moore), whose goal is to enslave the power of the world.



It is a much more much brutal, vulgar, and bloody sequel of Kingsman: The Secret Service. 

This is no longer a film project with a British accent that fascinated by subtle British humor and a more Americanized film. And all because almost all the action going in the US. Therefore, it is quite understandable why filmmakers have decided to develop history by Hollywood standards. They just wanted to adapt to American tendencies and show the stereotypes related to US intelligence and agents and, of course, the people's mentality in that country. And in my opinion, the filmmakers succeeded.

We get a verygood picture of the American cowboy, represented by Stateman and its agents, whose nicknames become the names of strong alcoholic drinks like Whiskey or Tequila. In addition, the film not only paints the very popular cinema of the 1960s western genre but also, as in the first film, very much ridicules some of James Bond's films.



The film goes beyond the horror-looking episodes of the first part, but the first part I liked more. 

 We have the same hard shootings that embellished the first part, much more brutal fights, and no less glamorous catching. However, the action would be worthless if they did not include such a bunch of fun characters as it is in this movie.

 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' has everything fans of the first film could have possibly wanted and more. Action, humour and special effects are all in abundance and visually it's very impressive. The plot is decent, especially for a sequel, but it never quite reaches the same level as the first film.


On The Final Note 

Action movies - generally high-budget movies full of speed, shootings, tricks, and catches that feature scenes of rescue operations, combat and escape scenes, big struggles, terrible disasters (floods, explosions, natural disasters, fires, etc.) all-time action and adventures.

The heroes usually fight with evil to make the viewer break away from reality. Such films: James Bond's fantastic spy genre series, martial arts movies, sometimes movies about race problems and some movie about superheroes. 

A good action movie must involve you in action on the screen and keep you there until the last minute of the tape.

When planning to watch action movies in the evening, pay attention to the cast. Often it is the game of great actors that make films become so exciting that it is simply impossible to tear off the screen. And if their appearance on the screens guarantees that the revenue of the film will be enormous, it means that you definitely should not deny yourself the pleasure of watching action genre films with their participation.


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